We come together for radical collaboration on methodologies, practices and experiences to facilitate and deliver innovation in the world.

Design Thinking DC brings together people from business, design, technology and beyond to learn and share.

Come participate in our meetup and find out what we're all about! For those looking for some context around design thinking before diving in, here are a few good places to start:

We look forward to hearing about how you innovate, and sharing and learning from our different perspectives!

Our Story:

Ever feel like you're the only person at the office who has crazy ideas that might just work to solve important business problems? Well, you're definitely not alone. Once upon a time, Stephanie Rowe, a successful consultant, was looking for fellow open-minded innovators in the DC area, but was having trouble finding them. She vowed that if she could not find like-spirited innovators, she'd move to California. So she founded the Design Thinking DC meetup group, and fortunately for Stephanie, she did indeed find that there was burgeoining interest in new innovation methods among DC professionals. The group continues to grow, and Stephanie and her co-organizers put on about one event a month. We've only just begun to understand the innovative potential of highly motivated people. Come explore with us!

The Organizers:

Steph, Wendi, Jenn and Arty

Stephanie Rowe,

Wendi Chiong,

Jenn Gustetic,

Arty Rivera,
Graphics Dude

Get Involved!

Excited yet? Besides participating in our meetup, or following us on Twitter (@DT_DC or #dt4dc), here are some other excellent ways that you can get involved:

Got Resources?


Things we're always happy to put to good use:

  1. Meeting space, especially if it can accomodate between 50 and 200 people, and has tables and chairs.
  2. Funding; we do our best to keep things interesting and insightful - the more funding we have, the more creative we can get with the session planning.
  3. Food and drink; we think you'll find it unsurprising that undercaffeinated and underfed people have difficulty learning, let alone innovating! Enough to nibble on during a high-energy workshop session is ideal.
  4. Other services that contribute to an excellent meetup experience! We're sure we can't think of everything, so be creative! How can we help each other out?

Many thanks to our past sponsors and hosts who have played an integral part in fostering the Design Thinking community of DC!

Got Ideas?


Seize the opportunity to become a thought leader! We'll help you plan and conduct a meetup on an innovation strategy or methodolgy that you'd like to share with the group. Get your feet wet with your first workshop or come back and facilitate multiple sessions. Let's get ideas flowing!

Got team spirit?


As your DT:DC meetup leaders, we strive to bring you interesting and productive content and activities with real-world applicability, and always with enough vareity to keep things interesting. If you're interested in really keeping an ear to the ground with respect to the growing innovation conversation in DC, and want to help organize the regular events, join the leadership team and be a part of making DC a city of unlimited potential!

Looking forward to building something together!